Creative duo Honey Long and Prue Stent are multidisciplinary artists whose work is a co-mingling between photography, performance, installation and sculpture.

Their practice centres around their conflicted relationship to femininity and its passive associations. Often their process is spontaneous and playful with the result being unexpected and accidental. 


Along with many shared interests and fascinations they have a perverse curiosity to interact with alluring materials and objects, incorporating them into costumes or disguises which distort and fragment the bodily form. 


As a result cultural debris becomes reconfigured within fluid and dreamy contexts, triggering subconscious associations while also evading classification. 

We often go into a shoot with a number of possibilities and well thought out ideas, but the outcome is often heavily influenced by external elements that we have no control over. I find this really exciting and never resist when practical circumstance intervene on the day. The shoots flow easily since we have usually spent weeks discussing and developing our ideas and concepts.
— Prue Stent, Life Framer

‘Moulding’ is a lyrical exploration of the conflicted nature of representation. Throughout the series the fluidity of material interacts with the body and landscape to create whimsical and surreal forms. Generated spontaneously the wrapped bodies play with the idea of classical human forms and statues, making them dynamic, transient and ambiguous. Embedded within the work are inherent binaries. The Material acts as an expansive and weightless extension of the body, conveying the sense of playfulness and freedom that comes with anonymity. At the same time However these shrouds could also be seen to denote feelings of suffocation, restriction and alienation. Existing without identity the figures remain within a dream like fantasy. The dualities present within the work are not necessarily a crisis; rather they encourage the dissolution of fixed modes of representation


Creative duo Honey Long and Prue Stent are multidisciplinary artists based in Melbourne, Australia.

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