Daniel Sannwald’s (*1979) pictures are magical, surreal, and colorful. Besides his work for renowned international magazines, he has also produced numerous music videos and record covers for artists such as M.I.A., Kelela, Rihanna and Woodkid.  


The 38-year-old doesn’t choose his jobs for prestige, even though his client list reads like a Who’s-Who of the fashion world. Instead, his decisions are based upon artistic challenge and concept. Besides wanting to be artistically inspired, Sannwald’s way of dealing with various media and technologies is also characteristic of him: whether analogue or digital, the choice of medium must be appropriate for the idea. 

I love to look at colors, especially at color combinations. I have this Japanese book next to my bed where on each page different colors are combined. I like to look at them, for me it’s like reading a book. I’m not a good writer so I always expressed myself with colors and images since I was very young.
— Daniel Sannwald

Based in London, he contributes to magazines such as Dazed and Confusedi-DPoPArena Homme+, and Vogue, and is considered one of the top fashion photographers on the contemporary scene. At the same time, he skillfully changes the media with which he works—from analog to digital, from the camera to the iPhone, working with collage and painting, producing stagings that hover between hyper-reality and science fiction—all with an unmistakable signature.


His current book, Spektrum, collects the best works of recent years. 

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